We take care of deceased estates.

Specialists in deceased estates
and house clearances

For many people, the task of dealing with the clearance of personal effects and property in a deceased estate is a daunting one.

Making it easier for executors – we will buy, sell or tip

All Städ i Malmö AB takes the complexity out of arranging a house clearance.

We coordinate all of the services needed to clear a house and provide a single streamlined account with supporting documentation – this means fewer trades for you to coordinate and fewer bills for you to pay.

Why Choose Us

First we’ll visit to assess your requirements – free of charge with no obligation

Our valuers will come to the property to discuss your requirements and develop the most suitable service options. We have a team of valuers available in the Melbourne metropolitan area and will usually be able to schedule a time to meet with an couple of days.

A written proposal within 24 hours of the visit

We’ll always give you two choices about how to move forward. These may include us offering to purchase the contents or sell them at auction on your behalf, and will be fully inclusive of all costs and services to achieve your objectives. If you’d like to be involved in some of the work, that’s fine by us or you can leave it totally up to Abbeys. You can chose how you’d like to work with us.

Job completed within ten days

We know that time is of the essence so we act quickly to execute the work. In most cases, we will complete the full job within ten days of receiving your go ahead, and hand you back a cleared and cleaned property ready for sale.

Single point of contact

A dedicated account manager is your single point of contact and we’ll keep you up to date with arrangements as the job progresses. At the end of the work an inventory of contents and consolidated account is presented, showing what happened to the things in the house so that you can provide full accountability to the estate beneficiaries.

We come to you! Contact us to arrange a free appraisal visit.

  • Compiling a complete inventory
  • Valuation of contents
  • Sale of goods by public auction
  • Donation to charity of usable goods and clothing
  • Removal of rubbish & recyclables
  • Cleaning & gardening

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Let's Quote Your Move

Ready for a quote? Fill this form out and we’ll get you a quote ASAP.

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