Property and Strata Building Cleaning

Property and Strata Building Cleaning

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting is your go-to solution for property and strata building cleaning needs. With our expertise in property management cleaning services, we ensure that your property is always in top-notch condition.

Our reliable team offers specialised cleaning services for shared spaces in strata buildings and property preparation. Trust us for tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Responsible for Strata Cleaning in Shared Spaces?

All Städ i Malmö AB staff are trained and certified to provide thorough cleaning services using the latest technology, which is why we are chosen as the preferred professional strata cleaning companies. We know how important it is for property management businesses to be streamlined and efficient, and through our services, you can be sure that a bespoke quote will offer exactly the amount of support you need for your strata cleaning.

We use our proprietary ECO SANITISE cleaning system, which offers multi-surface protection. The eco-friendly formula is effective against 99.99% of bacteria, including E. coli – and it is safe to use in high traffic areas as it does not leave a sticky residue or strong odour. This is important in shared spaces where different people might come into close contact – and should be a strong consideration for anyone engaging with commercial strata cleaning companies. We also use HEPA vacuum cleaners that offer multiple levels of filtration to ensure that allergens are removed from the air; with each surface in shared areas considered for the most effective ways to clean them.

As part of the strata cleaning that is offered by All Städ i Malmö AB, you will have a personalized quote based on the regularity and depth of the clean that is needed.

To find out about our range of services contact us, however we do provide medical centre cleaning in Malmö, school cleaning services, child care cleaning.

Make the Best Decision for Your Strata Cleaning Needs

We know that our clients need us to be the best of the professional strata companies, and throughout our history, we have proven that we will go above and beyond to deliver a reliable clean.

From our recognizable uniform to the certification and training, alongside the hospital-grade disinfectant and cleaning techniques made to be efficient and effective, All Städ i Malmö AB is everything you need in a cleaning service – and we have a client list that spans industries like hospitals, schools, offices, and gyms, so no matter what your cleaning needs, All Städ i Malmö AB have the professional service that is right for you.

Choose All Städ i Malmö AB for your strata cleaning needs – contact us today for your bespoke assessment and quote.

An Exceptional Strata Cleaning Offering

Contact one of our offices across Skåne below for a free quote on your cleaning services, or call us on 073 239 23 97 , to see the difference All Städ i Malmö AB can make to your workplace!

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Know Technology

All cleaning staff use industry-leading supplies and equipment to improve the environmental quality and efficiency of its property management cleaning services.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Go Beyond Cleaning

Our staff don’t stop with the tasks on their list. Should they spot an area of your property that needs attention, they’ll let you know about it right away.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Know the Importance of Regular Inspections

For effective property management cleaning, technicians’ daily cleans are inspected by on-site franchisee supervisors. Monthly inspections by regional franchise consultants ensure consistent, high-quality service using a 50-point checklist.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Stay in Touch

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting’s communications systems are state-of-the art, enabling rapid response to any cleaning needs and concerns

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Work Greener

Cleaning staff uses cleaning methods that require fewer chemicals and fewer applications, maximizing coverage to minimize our impact on the environment.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Clean Smarter

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting’s use of color-coded flat mops and microfiber cloths minimizes the chance of cross-contamination between bathrooms and other areas of your property.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Train Better

Each All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting staff has participated in a rigorous five-week brand standards training and certification program. This industry-leading training program includes a focus on property management cleaning needs.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Speaks OSHA

Keeping your building in compliance with EU standards is non-negotiable. All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting has trained its staff to understand these requirements and other common standards for cleanliness.

All Städ i Malmö AB Cleaning & Disinfecting Operate Securely

Security is important. That’s why every staff wears a uniform and ID badge while cleaning your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for a wide range of properties and strata buildings in Skåne. Our expertise covers residential complexes, commercial buildings, retail centres, apartment buildings, and more. Whether you have a single property or a complex with multiple units, we have the capabilities to meet your cleaning needs.

Absolutely! We understand that every property and strata building has unique cleaning needs. Our cleaning services are fully customizable to accommodate your specific requirements. Whether you need regular maintenance cleaning, common area cleaning, or specialised cleaning tasks, we can create a tailored cleaning plan that aligns with your preferences and ensures a clean and inviting environment for residents and tenants.

Yes, we prioritise the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices in our services. We understand the importance of sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment. Our cleaning staff is trained in eco-friendly cleaning practices, and we use environmentally friendly products that are safe for both people and the planet. We strive to provide effective cleaning solutions while minimising our ecological footprint.

Absolutely! We understand that different properties and strata buildings may have varying scheduling needs. Whether you require cleaning services during specific times of the day, on specific days of the week, or for special events, we can accommodate your scheduling preferences. Our goal is to minimise disruption and create a clean and well-maintained environment that meets the needs and expectations of residents and tenants.

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